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Sunday, October 16, 2011

my new distraction...

Well baseball is over (well the Phils are over) and I'm barely over it.  It was heartbreaking.  I had such high hopes.  My whole life is all about hope it seems and not so much realization of hopes.  I just keep on hoping.  I'll survive I suppose and before you know it (probably next week), I'll start counting the days until next season.

I have had some of new free time open up in my life, both unfortunately and fortunately, and so I've decided to use my time maturely with self improvement.  It's time for Ped to continue to grow up.  So I've been working out some and exploring the arts.  Specifically, I've gotten into water color painting.  I'm terrible at it.  It probably doesn't help that water color is the harder of the painting styles.  I got inspired when I bought two small water color originals from my favorite website from a super nice woman named Rachelle Levingston from SLC, Utah.  Pictures of the ones I bought are below.  I like buying original art.  It makes me feel good.  I get to fill my home with beautiful things while also supporting someone that is doing it for a living.  I also bought a cool hand carved owl thingy made from bark at the cranberry festival in Chatsworth, NJ this weekend.  Maybe at some point I'll post my own art on here, but don't hold your breath.