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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watercolor brilliance!

I have never commissioned art before.  I like to leave the ideas to the artists.  Today, I picked up the first piece I commissioned though.  Let me explain.  I was checking out my friend Todd's art blog back in 2012 and there were some pieces I really liked and thought would be great for the crib.  Todd's style reminds me of Quentin Blake, which of course I'm a fan of.  I discovered Blake after reading several of Roald Dahl's books.  I would like to write a children's book like Dahl some day. (The BFG is my fav).  Blake's work so perfectly compliments the whimsy Dahl. 

Anyways' Todd's work is fun.  I really like the watercolors he does of animals.  I sent an email out to Todd to see if any of those were for sale.  I wanted to support a friend and I like watercolors.  I appreciate them mainly because I've tried to watercolor and it is hard!  Nothing is ever permanent with watercolor until the painting is dry and done.  They are fragile in a way.  Only most skilled painters pull of a good watercolor.  Todd is one of those painters.  He replied with the suggestion that he would do a commission of anything I wanted.  I decided to have him do a scene from imagination, which I plan to use in a fantasy novel I have forever been working on.  I've been going through some writer's block, but this piece has me inspired to write again.  Thanks Todd!  Todd is also a kickass comic artist.  Check out his Web comic

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