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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My art is getting exhibited!!!

If I had the time, I would devote more time to being an artist of some sort, mostly likely a writer of fantasy fiction.  I have a couple ideas that I think are good.  Maybe one day.  The challenges of being a tenure track Biology professor kind of prevent their execution.  So in all realms of art, I am an amateur.  I do dabble here and there.  Recently, however, I did submit some things to an exhibition because what the heck?  Now, it's not some exhibition of any importance, just one through my university called, Art in Science.  The exhibition called for people to submit artwork of any kind that demonstrates science at work.  I submitted five photographs I had taken during my field work and guess what?  They picked two!  It will be cool to see photos I took on a wall in frames.  Add that to my short list of accomplishments, haha.  I don't think it violates any rules for me to post the two that got picked here, so enjoy.

The first is called, "Flamingo's Tongue."  This flamingo tongue snail (Cyphoma gibbosum) grazing on a purple sea fan is different from other snails in that its fleshy tissue (known as mantle) sits on the outside of its shell rather than inside the shell.  The markings are actually on the mantle not the shell.

The second is called, " Monitoring dune invasion."  In order to assess the impacts of adding sand to our dune communities (beach nourishment), designated plots were monitored over time.  In this plot, it was observed that adding sand promoted the success of and invasive sedge species.

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