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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Harry Potter can sing!!!

After an overwhelming semester of teaching, I now have time to blog again.  Yeeha.  Now what to blog about? hmm.

Oh yeah. 

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went and saw a show on Broadway called, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  You may be wondering why, of all shows out there we chose that one.  Actually, let's be real.  If you're wondering, you don't know me at all!  I went to see Harry sing!  I'm a fan of Harry Potter and the franchise's star Daniel Radcliffe is currently staring in the Broadway show.  I wanted to see him in person. 

Truth be told, I had little expectations going in.  I've seen the show done a couple times and honestly it kinda bores me.  It's a little too classic Broadway for me.  I need edge, I need something new in my musicals (ie Rent, In the Heights).  Anyways, the production was a pleasant surprise.  Little Danny is a pretty good singer!  He's got kind of an angelic tenor tone.  It's not a strong voice, but it's smooth, on pitch and light.  On top of that he was a pretty good dancer and seemed very comfortable on stage.  I kinda felt proud of him.  I've watched the kid since he was 11 and now he's headlining on Broadway with confidence.  As far as the rest of the cast goes, the show, in my opinion, is carried by the men not so much the women.  Tony-nominated John Larroquette gives a pretty funny performance as does Christopher J. Hanke.  CNN stud, Anderson Cooper, makes a cool narrator.  The girls didn't really wow me.  I don't really get the Tony nom for Tammy Blanchard.  (Not that it matters because, I'm sure Book of Mormon will likely win everything)  Director and choreographer, Rob Ashford, improves on what he did with his previous revival Promises Promises.  Overall, the show is fun and a well spent night at the theater.  Go out see it, but be prepared to fight a million teenagers if you're hoping to get a Radcliffe autograph. (My attempt failed).

Only 60 days until Deathly Hallows part 2! What! What!

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