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Monday, January 20, 2014

Bahama Coffee Company

So in case you don't know, I have somehow miraculously engineered a research program (with the help of a colleague) that requires me to spend time in the Bahamas a few times a year.  Hard life, I know.  I'm currently doing research on mangrove ecology on the relatively undeveloped island of Eleuthera.  ps. I'm always looking for some interesting mangrove art, but haven't found any. Because I spend so much time there, I don't really bother with the knickknacks and cheesy souvenirs.  You would be surprised how much of that crap is made somewhere else!  So getting Bahamian art that suits my fancy and is truly Bahamian is a challenge.  I have plenty of more trips to find something though.

On this past trip, I did pick up an interesting poster at a good price, free!  It's for the Bahama Coffee Company, which doesn't exist anymore.  Once upon a time, there was restaurant with that name at the Cape Eleuthera Marina, but it has since been defunct.  The poster was made for advertising purposes and prints were sold at the marina store, but I guess since the place went out of business, the store couldn't justify charging for it anymore.  Yay for me.  I wasn't able to identify the artist, but the print is dated.  The artwork is quite Bahamian in the color usage.  They tend to use pastel colors, particularly in pinks and blues.  Something odd, which I hadn't noticed until my wifey pointed it out is how long the guy's tie is!  I'll let you decide the meaning behind that. 

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mark said...

Cool - although the tie is a little worrisome.